Thanks all…

A massive thanks to the 200 odd people who made FAT CITY such a success on Friday night. We’ve smashed our fundraising targets (still counting up the coppers at the moment so an accurate figure will be released soon.)

With less than two weeks to go until departure some may say focusing all your efforts on running a banging boat party when you still haven’t sorted out wheels, visas or that sketchy fuse box was naive. No doubt we’ll find out if this is true in the near future but for now we are indebted to everyone that turned up, Battersea Barge, the bands and the DJ’s.

The biggest shout out must go to the Fat City owners, Gareth Ludkin and Jonny Faulkus- check out their night in Cardiff, they sure know how to throw a party….

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Do you have a clue what you’re getting yourselves in for?


It’s a question that has come to loom over the 3 of us, usually posed amicably over a pint and fended off with ambitious dreams of careless cruising across the high plains of central asia.

Sat here scraping out the bottom of the bank and putting my room up for rent, I admit; it’s a fair question to pose. But here’s to hope in the solace that, foolhardy as we may be, it’s the humbling of rising difficulties that seem to be making this trip the adventure that it’s fast becoming.

With just over a month to go we’re nearing the business end. Gone are the 5am passport dashes, choice of route and gags about beard growth, in are the last minute car fixes and bafflement of navigation in a land dominated by a Cyrillic alphabet.

The growth of camping equipment strew across our rooms serves as an ongoing reminder of how itching we are to get on the road. Even the mass of paperwork has become less arduous. Not long now, Doris is ready.